Director: David Gregory

USA • 2008 • COLOUR • 90 MIN

Plague Town is an Irish-set horror movie with a difference. For a start, it was shot in rural Connecticut, which doubles quite well for the ‘auld sod. Writerdirector David Gregory’s impressive directorial debut takes one of the standard horror movie scenarios — fragmented family vacationing in unfamiliar rural location face off against monstrous locals — and breathes bold (and bloody) new life into it. While some delicate, politically correct souls may take offence at Plague Town’s portrait of small-town Ireland as a hotbed of in-bred homicidal mutant adolescents, more seasoned Horrorthon punters will appreciate an appropriately lurid low-budget entry that tips its hat (atop a severed head, naturally) to any number of ’70s classics while making the horror genre seem fresh again. The Bottom Line: David Gregory, who sharpened his chops on documentaries about Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Wicker Man, is a talent to watch, and this slick, sick gem might just be the find of the festival.

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