Man About Dog

Director: Paddy Breathnach

A boisterous comedy, Man About Dog follows the exploits of three young men who entangle themselves in a web of crooked bookmakers and greyhound trainers. In exchange for ownership of a champion greyhound, dog-racing enthusiasts Mo Chara (Allen Leech), Cerebral Paulsy (Tom Murphy), and Scud Murphy (Ciaran Nolan) spoil a fixed race, crossing criminal bookmaker J. P. McCallion (Sean McGinley) in the process. The ultimatum McCallion gives the trio is clear: pay the 50,000 their interference cost him or face violent consequences. In response the three go on the run, setting in motion a road trip adventure where their greyhound is their best chance of making money and keeping one step ahead of a bad end. Irish comedian and actor Pat Shortt also stars as one of the many people the boys manage to offend in this raucous, good-time film that is, by turns, charming, irreverent, and hilarious.

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