Jeremy Hardy Versus the Israeli Army

Director: Leila Sansour

U.K.| 2003. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 75 mins.

Lelia Sansour, a young Palestinian-British producer asked Jeremy to join a group of international activists intent on doing their bit to solve the world’s longest-running conflict. Jeremy has always felt sympathy for the Palestinians but travelling thousands of miles to face the world’s fourth biggest military power is not his idea of a holiday. On the other hand, neither is travelling to Florida to spend Easter with his in-laws. Jeremy agrees to go and arrives in Bethlehem a week later, joining a group of British, American and Italians as they argue, sing and discuss the best ways to combat tear gas.
Their enthusiasm contrasts sharply with Jeremy’s increasing disquiet. He sees the devastation the Israeli army wrought just two weeks earlier on local hospitals, government offices and the refugee camp. Jeremy is terrified and restless. His worst fears come true as the political situation changes and it becomes evident that Bethlehem will be re-invaded within hours.
(Lelia Sansour will attend the screening.)

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