IRISH FILM ARCHIVE: Sally’s Irish Rogue

Director: George Pollock


As part of our series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ardmore Studios, this month the Irish Film Archive presents Sally’s Irish Rogue, digitally re-mastered from elements preserved at the British Film Institute. The first Ardmore film production to be released in cinemas, Sally’s Irish Rogue received its world premiere at the 1958 Cork Film Festival. Based on the George Shiels’ stage play The New Gossoon and directed by George Pollock, it was one of the few Irish-made films of the 1950s to get an American release, probably due to the popularity at the time of its star, Julie Harris. Harris (the Sally of the title) is engaged to the roguish, restless Luke (Tim Seely) who is more interested in motorcycles and other women than in settling down or the farm he is about to inherit.

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