I Went Down

Director: Conor MacPherson

Ill-matched duo Git (Peter McDonald)oa languid individual who won’t put two words together where one will dooand brain-dead motor-mouth Bunny Kelly (Brendan Gleeson) are thrown together on a mission by sinister gangster Tom French (Tony Doyle). The pair find themselves out of their league but within striking distance of a lot of moneyoif only they can outwit the big-time mobsters. The storyoa violent crime caper, buddy flick and road-movie all rolled into oneoglides with ease from ribald comedy and raw violence to nail-biting tension. Conor MacPherson, in his first screenplay, evolves a complex storyline that is shot through with spot-on banter every meandering step of the way. The most successful Irish indie feature ever, I Went Down enjoyed enormous critical acclaim in Ireland and abroad, winning director Paddy Breathnach the New Director Award and Conor MacPherson the Best Screenplay Award at the San Sebastien Film Festival.
Ireland-U.K., 1979. Colour. Dolby stereo SR. 107 mins.

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