Irish Film Institute -HOLIDAY



93 mins, Sweden-Denmark-Netherlands, 2018, Digital, Subtitled

This film was released on Friday 9th August 2019 and is no longer screening. 


Danish gangster Michael (Lai Yde) has taken his girlfriend Sascha (Victoria Carmen Sonne) on a luxury vacation to the sun-kissed port town of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera. Young, beautiful and carefree, Sascha discovers that her dream life of recklessness and fun comes at a price when she is welcomed into Michael’s extended ‘family’ of crooks at his exclusive villa. Physical and psychological violence are a way of life in this volatile community. When she befriends a holidaying Dutchman who has romantic designs on her, Sasha begins to toy with Michael’s authority and flirts with the possibility of leaving this glamorous life of excess behind.

Isabella Eklöf’s provocative, and at times shocking, debut feature boasts a breakthrough performance from Sonne as the seeming innocent who confounds expectations.

(Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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