game of their lives, The

In the 1966 World Cup, the North Korean football team shocked the world by knocking out Italy.
They then disappeared into oblivion. After four years of negotiations, director Daniel Gordon secured access to North Korea to recount ‘the greatest football story never told’.
Using a combination of absorbing archival footage, inter-cut with beautifully shot images of modern day North Korea, Gordon recounts the unlikely love affair that developed between the North Koreans and their host city Middlesbrough.’It still remains a riddle to me – the people of Middlesbrough supported us all the way through. I still don’t know the reason why,’ recalls one of the North Korean players
interviewed by Gordon.
Full of intriguing details, and never short on pace, The Game of Their Lives is a fascinating insight into the motivations and workings of one of the world’s most secret countries. And a great football story.
Director Dan Gordan will introduce the screening
(2002. UK. Colour/b&w. Beta. 80 mins)

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