Falling Sky

Director: Gunnar Vikene

Norway| 2002. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 83 mins

A critical and popular hit in Norway, Falling Sky is a vibrant and very entertaining black comedy about a group of inmates and doctors at a psychiatric hospital. Reidar (Kristoffer Joner) is an inmate who’s in love with the suicidal Juni (Maria Bonnevie) and is convinced a meteor is about to hit Earth. The chief psychiatrist (Kim Bodnia) is impotent but longs to renew the love he once had with his wife (Hildegun Riise), who’s having an affair with a taxi driver. Debut feature director Gunnar Vikene smoothly moves between the different story threads, gradually revealing how all the characters are in some way connected with each other. Offbeat and constantly surprising, Falling Sky contrives to be both warm and funny.

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