Director: Ángeles Cruz

91 mins, Mexico, 2021, Digital

This film is F-rated.

Based on the filmmaker’s experiences and personal story, Nudo Mixteco tells the stories of three characters, Maria, Esteban and Toña, all returning to their hometown of San Mateo for different reasons. Maria must face her father’s rejection while burying her own mother and navigating her love life. Esteban comes home after being away for three years, only to find out that his wife, Chabela, is living with someone else which will have substantial consequences for her. Finally, Toña returns to her village to protect her daughter against the abuse she herself suffered from. These three intersecting stories and characters are faced with personal challenges from rejection, betrayal, to prosecution and abuse while the film also tackles more global topics such as customs, migration and culture.

Screening exclusively online on IFI@Home as part of the Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2021, August 20th-22nd.

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