Congo River,

Director: Thierry Michel

2005| 115 mins Belgium

The film takes us on a journey from the mouth to the source of the Congo, the world’s greatest river basin. Throughout the 4,371 km, we discover the places that have witnessed the turbulent history of this country, while archive footage reminds us of the mythological characters, who shaped the destiny of the heart of Africa: the explorers Livingstone and Stanley, the colonizing kings Leopold II and Baudouin I and the African leaders Lumumba and Mobutu. But this journey is also a personal progression of a director who has already devoted three of his films to the country. With Congo River, Thierry Michel is carried along by a desire to delve even deeper into the mystery of this country and its equatorial forest, and to look back at the history of this majestic river that has continued its route unrelentingly for centuries upon centuries.

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