92 mins, Digital

From Monday September 6th, in line with government guidelines, all patrons must show proof of vaccination upon entering the cinema screen.

A series of short films selected and introduced by filmmaker Pat Murphy.

“Specific to time and place, these wide-ranging films challenge and collapse the concept of “near and far”. For me, they represent a re-enchantment of cinema at a point when the world can feel worn and tired. WolloW’s wild, energizing LONG SONG DREAM transformed a dark lockdown day. Abhijit Mazumdar and Amala Popuri’s SERENGETI is an extraordinary meditation on sound and image as the pandemic impinges on Mumbai. In Shivani Khattar’s highly original NOOR, a young girl isolated with her grandfather is confronted with the reality of transgressive desire. From her poetic early works to family dramas of memory, pain and loss, I think that all Song Ting’s films are important to see.” – Pat Murphy

This event will be introduced by Pat Murphy.

Film info:
Paul Murnaghan, Long Song Dream by WolloW, 2021, Ireland, 5 min 42 sec

Abhijit Mazumdar and Amala Popuri, Serengeti, 2021, India, 25 min 53 sec

Shivani Khattar, Noor, 2013, India, 17 min 25 sec

Song Ting, My Favourite Crane, 2011, Singapore, 4 min 33 sec

Song Ting, Wall and Pipes, 2012, Singapore, 5 min 31 sec

Song Ting, Knife and Knife, 2012, China, 14 min 54 sec

Song Ting, The Way Home, 2014, China, 17 min 23 sec

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