James Cameron

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The original 1986 theatrical cut screening on 70mm. Tickets: €14 (€13 concessions) 

2001: A Space Odyssey and The Sound of Music are also screening in 70mm this summer.

Screening as part of our Dark Skies: Invasion season July 7th to 29th. Click for more info. Multipass for four films (excluding Aliens) is available for €35 at IFI Box Office.

‘This time it’s war’ declared the tag line, a promise director James Cameron delivered on in spades for this truly epic sequel to Ridley Scott’s ground-breaking original.

Ditching the slow burn tension and ‘stalk and slash’ horror dynamics of that film in favour of a full-blown shock and awe assault on the senses, Cameron’s film is one of the most relentlessly thrilling action movies ever made. Sigourney Weaver was Oscar-nominated for her reprisal of the iconic Ripley character, accompanying a gung-ho military mission to investigate the fate of colonists on the world where she and her late crew first encountered the hostile xenomorph.

1986. 137 mins, USA. 70mm


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