Director: James Cameron

1986. 137 mins, USA. 70mm

This film screened 21st, 24th & 26th July 2018.

‘This time it’s war’ declared the tag line, a promise director James Cameron delivered on in spades for this truly epic sequel to Ridley Scott’s ground-breaking original.

Ditching the slow burn tension and ‘stalk and slash’ horror dynamics of that film in favour of a full-blown shock and awe assault on the senses, Cameron’s film is one of the most relentlessly thrilling action movies ever made. Sigourney Weaver was Oscar-nominated for her reprisal of the iconic Ripley character, accompanying a gung-ho military mission to investigate the fate of colonists on the world where she and her late crew first encountered the hostile xenomorph.

The original 1986 theatrical cut screening on 70mm. Tickets: €14 (€13 concessions) 

With thanks to Expert Air. 

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