Mystery Matinee

This strand is the ultimate surprise film – it could be anything from the history of cinema and you won’t know until the lights go down and the title comes up!

The next Mystery Matinee will be held on September 24th, 2017. Each monthly selection is overseen by Cinema Programmer Kevin Coyne.



April 2017 – Berlin Syndrome (2017), dir: Cate Shortland

May 2017 – Snatched (2017), dir: Jonathan Levine

June 2017 – Beat the Devil (1953), dir: John Huston

July 2017 – A Ghost Story (2017), dir: David Lowery

August 2017 – Starman (1984), dir: John Carpenter

September 2017 – Gas Food Lodgings (1992), dir: Allison Anders

October 2017 – ???


    The IFI once again invites audiences to take a chance with us on a Sunday afternoon. Our Mystery Matinee strand is a screening about which only two things will be known: it could be literally anything from the history of... Read More


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