This film screened on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

March’s pairing of a new release and a specially devised main course menu will be Sara Colangelo’s The Kindergarten Teacher, followed by a specially created main course in the IFI Café Bar. The menu on the evening will include a choice of: Philadelphia Cheese Steak served with chips, Mac and cheese served with garlic bread, Manhattan clam chowder. 

Lisa (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is a dissatisfied wife and mother who becomes convinced that one of her pupils is a child prodigy when he begins to recite mature, polished poetry of which he is seemingly the author.

Disapproving of her own less creatively inclined teenage children, Lisa’s fixation with Jimmy crosses boundaries into increasingly ambiguous territory when she brings the boy’s work to the attention of her night course literary tutor Simon (Gael García Bernal).

Tickets cost €21, free list suspended.

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