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From a time when ‘women’s pictures’ were the backbone of Hollywood studios, and countless films were released centering on strong female characters, albeit in a man’s world, comes this steamy smash hit starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow.

Gable earned the sobriquet ‘King of Hollywood’ because he was a swoon merchant with women and a role model for men. This film confirmed his reputation, released during the Pre-Code era, when censors eased restrictions so that studios might recoup ticket sales lost in the Depression. Gable plays a manager of a rubber plantation who first has an affair with Vantine (Harlow), before taking up with Barbara Willis (Mary Astor).

Dr Megan McGurk, of Sass Mouth Dames Film Club, will present Red Dust as a prime example of a Pre-Code film.

Notes by Alicia McGivern and Megan McGurk

83 mins, USA, 1932, 35mm, Black and White


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