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The Far Side of Revenge

Margo Harkin, 72 minutes, 2012

Margo Harkin’s powerful documentary is one part in a body of work that has chronicled `The Troubles’ from 12 Days in July (1997) to Bloody Sunday – A Derry Diary (2010). A study on reconciliation, it also experiments with visual…

Farewell Packets of Ten

Ken Wardrop, 3 minutes, 2007

Blending emotional warmth with self-deprecating humour, two elderly women discuss their smoking habits in this short documentary by Ken Wardrop. Lamenting both the prohibitive cost of cigarettes and the young people who nonetheless smoke them, the pair’s wit comes to…

The Farthest

Emer Reynolds, 121 minutes, 2017

Emer Reynolds’s enthralling documentary details NASA’s ambitious Voyager program which, in 1977, launched two probes whose original mission was to study the outermost planets of the Solar System, but went on to become the first human-created object to enter interstellar…

The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos, 119 minutes, 2018

Two rivals vie for the affections of Queen Anne in Yorgos Lanthimos’s deliciously caustic black comedy. Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), the Duchess of Marlborough, has long been the trusted companion of the insecure, jealous and physically ailing monarch (Olivia…

Fear of Flying

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

Faced with the prospect of migrating for winter, cowardly bird Dougal (Mark Doherty) hides his fear of flying from his friends in this animated short. Haunted by nightmares of crashing to earth mid-flight, Dougal plans to hibernate through winter rather…

February 2016

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

5th Feb //  Cinegael Montreal at the Concordia University // The Stag // Montreal, Canada. 14th Feb // Cinema Britannique & Irlandais, Ciné O'Clock // Gold // Lyon, France. 17th Feb - 15th March //  Irish Film Fortnight at the Cinema Odyssée // Good Vibrations, Gold, One…

February 2017

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

3rd - 17th February // Cinégael Montreal // Bobby Sands: 66 Days, We are Moving: Memories of Miss Moriarty  // Montréal, Canada 3rd - 12th February // Ciné Sans Frontières // You're Ugly Too // La Teste-de-Buch, France 11th - 19th February // Festival Ciné O'Clock: Cinéma…

February 2018

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

3rd - 11th February // Cine O'Clock: Cinéma britannique & irlandais // A Date for Mad Mary, Patrick's Day // Lyons, France 6th February // Centre Culturel Irlandais // It's Not Yet Dark, The Sound of People // Paris, France 23rd - 24th February // The…

February 2019

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

1-9 February // Clermont Ferrand Film Festival // Yu Ming is Ainm Dom // Clermont Ferrand, France 8 February // Cinegael Montreal // Float Like a Butterfly // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada 13 February // Irish Cultural Centre…


Johnny Kelly, 6 minutes, 2018

Following the death of her husband, a lonely woman (Monica Dolan) nurses a dry, almost dead, potted fern back to life. As the plant thrives, an unlikely relationship develops as the fern becomes her constant companion, that is until a…

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