IFI French Film Festival 2020: #IAMHERE

Director: Eric Lartigau

98 mins, France, 2020, Digital, Subtitled

In this charming romantic comedy, Stéphane (Alain Chabat), a divorced chef in his 50s, has taken over his father’s restaurant in the Pays Basque. He lives a quiet, satisfying life until one day he decides, quite irrationally, to travel to Seoul to meet Soo, a mysterious Korean lady he has fallen for on Instagram. Scheduled to meet at Seoul airport, things naturally don’t go to plan. Eric Lartigau directs this colourful, charming, feelgood romcom, co-written with Thomas Bidegain. Chabat perfectly seizes the character of a man who is both confident and vulnerable as he wanders the airport terminals becoming something of a local celebrity. This great adventure is a catalyst for Stéphane to become for a time a ‘French Lover’, an odyssey which ultimately reconnects him with his loved ones.

Screening as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2020, November 11th-22nd. Full schedule here.

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