Director: Christophe Honoré

107 mins • France, Belgium, Luxembourg • 2019 • Subtitled • Digital

Chiara Mastroianni heads the cast as Maria in Christophe Honoré’s inventive comedy about a failing marriage after Maria’s infidelity with her young student is exposed. Following a confrontation with her husband, she moves out for the night to stay in a hotel directly across the road where she is ‘visited’ by a number of characters including the younger version of her husband, her husband’s first love, and her own dead mother, to berate her for a string of infidelities. In room 212, she reflects upon her marriage, gifted with the ability to see it all at once. Inspired by Leo McCarey’s The Awful Truth, this is a playful, witty fantasy, served by stunning cinematography.

Director’s Note: Winner of the Best Actress Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Chiara Mastroianni takes us with her as we get caught up, thrilled by unforeseen situations and conversations.

Screening as part of IFI French Film Festival – November 13th to 24th. Multi-film tickets available directly from the IFI Box Office: 5 films for €50, 10 films for €90.

Please note that due to the Club status of this film, only persons 18 years and over will be admitted to this screening.

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