Director: Tomm Moore,
Ross Stewart

In what might soon be termed the Cartoon Saloon magic, the hugely talented Kilkenny studio bring their fifth animated feature to the screen. Directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, this stunningly imagined world draws on history and mythology to create a nature-themed fantasy for our times.

Set in 1650 during English colonial rule, a time when wolves stalked the land, hunter Bill is ordered by Cromwell to venture to an outpost and kill a roaming wolfpack before it reaches the city. His daughter Robyn follows him into the woods where she meets a girl, Mebh, a legendary Wolfwalker who has a wolf form. Mebh can control the wolf pack, and the two girls team up, determined to find a way to save their tribe.

This is a gripping action film, with a vivid animation style that has evolved from the studio’s first feature, The Secret of Kells, into this enchanting family adventure.

Notes by Alicia McGivern

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