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William Klein will attend this screening and take part in a Q&A hosted by James Armstrong, Lecturer in Visual Culture, NCAD.

William Klein worked for Vogue magazine for over a decade and the fashion industry is a central motif in many of his films. In this, his first feature film, he creates an art house parody positioned somewhere between the mockumentary and the moralistic fairytale. Using Cinderella as an extended metaphor, Klein satirises Parisian high fashion and haute couture while perceptively commenting on the popular culture of the 1960s.

Shot in high-contrast black-and-white cinematography and edited in a frenetic style, the film holds a mirror to celebrity and fashion and pre-visualises contemporary society’s obsession with the transitory nature of media and celebrity, and remains one of William Klein’s best-known films. (Film notes by James Armstrong.)

Tickets €11. This film is part of a focus on the work of William Klein (February 14th – 20th) with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. There will also be two Reel Art screenings at the IFI on February 18th and 19th (bookings only through JDIFF on 01 687 7974 or visit www.jdiff.com). (Note: free list suspended.)


97 minutes, U.S.A., 1977, 35mm


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