Director: Joel Conroy

Documenting the rise of surfing as one of Ireland’s fastest growing sports, Waveriders explores the unique attractions the country offers to the sport. Set primarily on Ireland’s west coast some of world’s most passionate and talented surfers are interviewed to explain their feelings about their sport and why Ireland, so at odds with the tropic beaches usually home to surfers, has proven such a draw for them. Intercut with this is a study of George Freeth, the man often regarded as the ‘father of modern surfing’, and his links to Ireland through his Irish father. Building to the awe-inspiring conclusion of surfers riding some of the largest waves to ever reach the Irish coast, Waveriders mixes stunning visuals with insights into the minds and attitudes of the people who make up this community. 

Best Feature Documentary Award at the 6th Irish Film and Television Awards 2009.

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