Irish Film Institute -WALL-E



103 minutes, U.S.A., 2008, Animated, Colour, D-Cinema

This film screened on Monday  6th July 2015.

Arguably Pixar’s creative highpoint to date, WALL·E displayed a grasp of filmmaking and a willingness to take risks in relying on purely visual storytelling that raised mainstream animation to a new level.

In its dialogue-free opening half, we follow robot WALL·E carrying out his daily task, clearing the rubbish from an abandoned earth, as he has been doing alone for 700 years. When the sleek probe EVE arrives, sent by humans to see if the planet is once again fit for habitation, WALL·E falls in love with her.

Beautifully made and highly entertaining, the film also manages to incorporate a strong, but not heavy-handed, environmental message.

Age certification: General Certificate (G)

Showing as part of a Focus on Pixar: Pete Docter (July 4th – 13th). Disney Pixar’s new animated feature, Inside Out, will open this year’s IFI Family Festival (July 16th – 19th). Tickets are on sale now.

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