93 minutes, Argentina-Spain-Norway-France, 2013, Colour, D-Cinema

In Patagonia, 1960, an Argentinean family travel to a glorious setting by Lake Nahuel Huapi at the foot of the Andes. Pregnant mother Eva (Natalia Oreiro) was brought up in the region, and is returning with husband Enzo (Diego Peretti) and their three children to reopen a lodging house she has inherited. Their first guest introduces himself as Helmut Gregor (Àlex Brendemühl), a charismatic German physician who charms the family with his manners, intelligence and money.

A mutual fascination develops between Helmut and 12-year-old Lilith (Florencia Bado), a young girl who the family worry is not growing up quickly enough. Suspicion that Helmut is not all he seems increases as news that Nazi war criminals have looked to escape to South America filters through. Adapted from her own novel, Lucía Puenzo’s gripping period potboiler addresses troubling events in Argentina’s history and has a dark tension bubbling throughout.(Notes by Michael Hayden)

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