78 minutes, U.S.A.-U.K.-France, 2009, Colour, DVD

As a reaction to the frustration caused by the backroom wrangling that came with Mister Lonely’s budget, Trash Humpers was Korine’s return to quick, lo-fi filmmaking, even going so far as to shoot guerrilla-style on the practically antique format of VHS. It follows a group of sociopathic elderly people (portrayed by Korine and friends in grotesque masks) in Nashville as they go about their usual nightly business of mayhem and vandalism, as well as simulating sex with rubbish bins.

There is little in the way of plot: instead, the film is an experimental exercise in which Korine upends all notions of conventional film to create something truly unexpected. It is inarguably bizarre, often very funny, and once again confirmed Korine as a filmmaker of undoubted and singular talent and imagination.

This film is screening as part of Harmony Korine – Breaking Out (April 3rd – 14th). His latest feature, Spring Breakers, opens at the IFI on April 5th.

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