The Tiger’s Tail

Director: john Boorman

An identity thriller, a family drama, and an attack on upper-class privilege, The Tiger’s Tail reunites John Boorman and Brendan Gleeson, the creative duo behind powerhouse crime drama The General, to tell this contemporary fable. Gleeson plays Liam O’Leary, a developer with a domineering presence in the Irish political scene, but one whose empire crumbles when he begins to see his body double walking Dublin’s streets. Disconnected from his wife Jane (Kim Cattrall) and son Conor (Brian Gleeson), Liam’s place in his family is quickly usurped by the double, with his business partners also failing prey to the deceit as Liam’s whole life taken over by this mysterious figure. Depicting Dublin as a hedonistic, opulent capital, The Tiger’s Tail features one in a career of standout performances from Brendan Gleeson, who expertly juggles the twin roles of O’Leary and his doppelganger. 

Best Cinematography Award at the 4th Irish Film and Television Awards 2007
Best Music in Film Award at the 4th Irish Film and Television Awards 2007

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