Irish Film Institute -THE RING



109 minutes, U.K., 1927, Silent, Black and White, D-Cinema

Hitchcock’s sixth film, his first after moving from Michael Balcon’s Gainsborough to British International, contains the one solo credit of his career for an original script (though it is on record that the faithful Eliot Stannard moved studios with him and supplied some of the abundant visual ‘touches’). The story is an unusually focused triangular one, tracing the conflict between two men both in the boxing ring and for the affections of the woman who marries one but remains attracted to the other – the title refers also to the rival gifts of wedding ring and exotic bracelet.

The film’s continuous visual eloquence, and the dynamic scenes of fairground action at the start, and championship boxing at the end, earned rave reviews as well as good box office, some critics calling it the best British film yet made. 

A restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with STUDIOCANAL.

This event is part of The Genius of Alfred Hitchcock: Part Four, the final part of our complete retrospective of Hitchcock’s 52 surviving films (March 2nd – 31st).

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