The Randomer

Naji Berchara
Caoimhe Clancy
Iseult Imbert

This film screened 28th September 2016.

Free-spirited Meg thinks she has everything she wants, a great job and an exciting social life. But things are suddenly turned upside-down when she finds herself needing the one thing that she least expected – a baby. With the clock running out before she hits 40, it’s a race against time to find an uncomplicated man to make a perfect baby. With the help of lesbian neighbours and an ever-pregnant sister, Meg sifts through Dublin’s most eligible baby-daddies, determined to find the perfect ‘Randomer’ to fulfill her quest. Based on a script by Gerry Stembridge, this is a refreshing, modern Irish comedy about women, sex, love and procreation.

A production of the Filmbase Masters in Digital Feature Filmmaking Course 2016.


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