The Predicament of Man

Director: Jesse Jones

This film is the second in the collection of films; ‘The Trilogy of Dust’. Using footage shot in an opal mine in Cobber Pedy, Australia, intercut with over a thousand still images that appear momentarily on screen, Jones subliminally contrasts the desolate landscape with flashes of often recognisable 20/21st century icons and events. The Predicament of Man creates an uneasy and foreboding slippage in time that hints at an apocalyptic future. Its title is borrowed from an essay in Limits to Growth by the economic think tank The Club of Rome in 1972. The Predicament of Man examines the consequences of exponential growth theories of late capitalism and how they may not only over- stretch our resources’ carrying capacities, but also our sensory capacity to perceive reality itself.

Notes by Experimental Film Club.

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