Director: George Cukor

112 mins, USA, 1940, 4K Digital, Black and White

Poised socialite Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is preparing to marry mild-mannered George (John Howard) when her ex-husband Dexter (Cary Grant) sails back into her life, bringing with him a cynical reporter (an Oscar winning role for Jimmy Stewart) and watchful photographer (Ruth Hussey) to crash the wedding. Plenty of smoke and mirrors, love triangles, wise cracks, and hilarious complications ensue in this much celebrated and quick-witted comedy, featuring all three leads (Hepburn, Grant and Stewart) in flying form, just like their on-screen chemistry.

Notes by Saidhbh Ní Dhúlaing

Screening as part of Katharine Hepburn: Woman of the Year season.

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