The Looking Glass

Director: Colin Downey

Prolific independent director Colin Downey here produces this surrealist feature which follows Paul, a troubled young man who lives in a rural cottage with his pregnant girlfriend Clare. While dealing with the sudden arrival of his sinister mother-in-law and coming to terms with his impending fatherhood, Paul constantly struggles to escape the traumas of his childhood. His attempts to face his past and grapple with his manhood take him on a dangerous journey peopled with exotic beauties, criminals and grotesques. The story, which moves quickly from familiar drama to dark fairytale, weaves together magic, mystery and suspense, and features a great performance from Patrick O’Donnell, winner of the Best Actor prize at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival for The Fading Light, which was photographed by Colin Downey.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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