The Honeymooners

Director: Karl Golden

A romantic-comedy filmed in a distinctively realist style, The Honeymooners is a story of opposites attracting in extreme circumstances. The first of these opposites is David (Jonathan Byrne), a man who sinks into despair and drunkenness when his fiancé fails to show for their wedding. As he wallows in misery he meets the impulsive Claire (Alex Reid), a woman recently fired and caught up in a demoralising affair. Deciding to share their unhappiness the pair travel to the Donegal cottage where David had planned his honeymoon ; here their differences  are slowly overcome as they bond over their common familiarity with heartbreak. In a courageous move for a first feature, director Karl Golden chooses to shoot this romantic-comedy along lines proposed by the Dogme-95 movements, introducing the grit of the real world to the romantic-comedy genre.

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