The Daisy Chain

Director: Aisling Walsh

A psychological horror from director Aisling Walsh, The Daisy Chain is a story of two scarred individuals – a child and a mother – forming a potentially destructive relationship. The mother is Martha (Samantha Morton), a woman feeling the raw pain of a recent miscarriage. Travelling to the West of Ireland with husband Tomas (Steven Mackintosh), Martha quickly forms a bond with young orphan Daisy (Mhairi Anderson). The town’s superstitious villagers warn Martha away from the girl, believing the child to be cursed, but Martha finds the child’s presence fills a vacuum in her life. This feeling persists even as otherworldly events begin to surround Daisy and lend credence to the suspicions of the townsfolk. The mystery of the rural landscape is skilfully captured by Walsh, and Anderson is notably effective as the haunted, could-be-devil child.

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