The Connemara Monster

Director: Brian Reddin

2006| 38 mins Ireland

In 1969 the Loch Ness Monster Investigation Bureau arrived at a small lake just outside Clifden in Co. Galway. This team of investigators had grown tired of their fruitless efforts in Loch Ness and they had relocated to the west of Ireland in the hope of more success. They came because they had heard of a lake monster that dwelled in the lakes of Connemara. And they came to try and capture it. This documentary tells the story of the monster (horse eel) that is said to dwell in the lakes around Clifden. Sightings of this monster go back centuries and continue to this day. Using eye witness testimony and the opinion of various experts, the programme looks at the legend of the monster and asks whether or not such a creature might actually exist.
The director will attend the screening.

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