The Boy from Mercury

Director: Martin Duffy

A nostalgic look at 1960s Ireland, The Boy from Mercury has Flash Gordon-loving boy Harry (James Hickey) cope with his father’s death through a conviction, acquired from his beloved science-fiction, that he is an alien from Mercury. Believing his real family to be residing on the distant planet Harry distances himself from his mother May (Rita Tushingham), regularly fights with older brother Paul (Hugh O’Conor), and claims not to care about his father’s death. Not content to leave his fantasies at home, Harry brings them to school and makes enemies of both his cruel teacher and the school bully, provoking him into a fight which forces Harry to return to the real world and reconnect with his family. Dramatising a child’s escape from the pain of bereavement through popular culture The Boy from Mercury proves to be a positive, ultimately upbeat family drama.

Age: PG

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