Director: Katell Quillévéré

94 minutes, France, 2013

Katell Quillévéré’s debut feature Love Like Poison saw her justly fêted as an exciting new voice in French cinema, and her second film confirms her promise.

A moving, realist drama which nods to the Dardennes, Suzanne portrays the relationship of two motherless sisters, clearly devoted to each other despite their differences. Suzanne is a troubled wild child, a constant worry for the elder sibling Maria, who just wants to do right for her kid sister and their loving dad. The film plays out in poignant fragments depicting the girls as they grow up, and there are exceptional performances from Sara Forestier and Adèle Haenel. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

Special Screening, Critics’ Week Cannes 2013

Director’s Note: Through an elliptical narrative and sharp editing Suzanne’s destiny – beautifully played by Sara Forestier – is revealed.

This film is showing as part of the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival (November 20th – December 1st, 2013).


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