Director: Katarina Peters

Germany| 2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo. 111 min.

Film-maker Katarina Peters is 40 when she falls in love with Boris Baberkoff, a talented and charismatic 33-year-old cellist with a zest for life. Before long, the two are married and pursuing their shared artistic passions. They travel to New York, when suddenly Baberkoff collapses and the newly-weds’ world is turned upside down. Baberkoff has suffered multiple strokes and is ‘locked in’, a prisoner of his own brain. He can hear but is unable to move or communicate; his chances of even partial recovery appear slim. In desperation, Katarina takes up her camera and begins to record a diary, turning to art as a means of survival. Peters meticulously documents Baberkoff’s arduous recovery, capturing her husband’s extraordinary strength and fragility. But this is also her story. Through a series of impressionistic dream sequences, Peters recreates her tortured state of mind. Wildly cinematic, Stroke is an emotional tour de force.

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