Song for a Raggy Boy

Director: Aisling Walsh

RUNNING TIME 93 minutes

In 1939,Franklin is appointed to St Jude ‘s Reformatory School as the only lay teacher amongst the Christian Brothers.He tries to build up a relationship based on trust with the boys,who are used to the verbal and physical abuse doled out by the Brothers.However the consequences of his actions are disastrous,and Franklin is forced to decide whether to abandon the school and follow his idealistic principals or stay with the boys and work within this violently conservative system.
PRODUCERS Tristan Orpen Lynch,Dominic Wright,John McDonnell,Kevin Byron Murphy
SCRIPT Aisling Walsh,Kevin Byron Murphy,based on book by Patrick Galvin
PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Robertson
MAIN CAST Aidan Quinn,Iain Glen,Marc Warren, John Travers
PRODUCTION COMPANY Subotica Entertainment

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