UK / 2007 / 75 MIN / IN ENGLISH

This highly original look at friendship among the new communities from Shane Meadows (This is England) will have you smiling long after you’ve left the cinema. Tomo has turned sixteen and is no longer under parental care – another good reason for him to leave behind his harsh and lonely existence in the Midlands and move to London. Marek has emigrated to London from Poland. Quiet and introspective, Marek still lives with his disciplinarian father. Tomo and Marek are both searching for something. When the two boys meet by chance in the London district of Somers Town, they soon become mismatched friends. Their dynamic is uneasy and awkward at first – each teen believes himself to be the more mature but a genuine rapport develops between the two. However, when Tomo and Marek both fall for the same girl, a local French waitress, their friendship is tested. Filmed in glorious black-and-white, Somers Town is a sometimes sad but often very funny look at the loneliness of city life that can be made easier by friendships – such as Tomo and Marek’s. Dublin City Council Office for Integration is happy to support this intercultural event and to promote the film Somers Town. There will be a reception for ticket holders before the film.

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