Director: Pat Collins

Abstract, sensual, and hauntingly atmospheric, documentarian Pat Collins’ first feature film Silence sees sound-recordist Eoghan (Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride) set out on a journey from Berlin to his native Donegal in search of a landscape free from man-made noise. Moving through desolate locations in Western Ireland, Eoghan records long periods of near-silence, engaging locals and passers-by in conversations that peel apart ideas of history, culture, emigration, and place as he does so. Slowly working towards his former home, traces of Eoghan’s old life come to the surface.

Silence is an immersive and aural experience, with extended sequences of Eoghan recording the sounds of nature characterising a film which prefers to leave avenues half explored in a meditation of the various losses of the past.

For more information on Silence see this IFI blog from director Pat Collins

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