Short Film Competition

Losing Myself: Stewart
Director: Alice Nelson
Country: Scotland. Duration: 7 mins.
Stewart Lee (80) is a life-long artist; this film explores how his passion for art and creativity persists through profound dementia.
No Regrets in the West
Director: Colm Quinn
Country: Ireland. Duration: 7 mins.
A personal film about father-son relationships across the generations.
Donnacha Dennehy – Patterns
Director: Garry Keane
Country: Ireland. Duration: 6 mins.
A film exploring influences in the music of contemporary Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy.
Big Massive Protest
Director: Nick Murphy
Country: Ireland. Duration: 3 mins.
A short, comic film about protesting.
Director: Roberto Santaguida
Country: Canada. Duration: 8 mins.
A young man, his life in tatters, seeks redemption by fleeing the city.
FIPA 2007
Directors: Sarah Lynch, Genna Patterson, Richard O’Connor & Paul O’Halloran.
Country: Ireland. Duration: 10 mins.
Director of the Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels explains why film festivals exist.
The Memory Box
Director: Siobhan Twomey
Country: Ireland 2007. Duration: 5 mins.
Documentary and animation combine in this docu-mation which explores issues facing those new to life in Ireland.
A Wolf in the Bookcase
Director: Peter Grogan
Country: Ireland 2007. Duration: 10 mins.
Questions the concepts of censorship and sanitization with regard to well known and beloved fairytales.
Director: Santana Issar
Country: India 2007. Duration: 11 mins.
A daughter’s search to find meaning – if any – in the relationship with her alcoholic father.
13 Years and 10 months
Director: Jenifer Malmquist
Country: Poland 2007. Duration: 9 mins.
A Polish teenager with cystic fibrosis lives life to the full, in the knowledge she may not live beyond the age of 30.
The winning selection, made by the audience in attendance at the screening, will be announced on Sunday before the Festival’s closing film.

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