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Princess Ann is a dignitary from an unnamed state undergoing a grandiose ‘Goodwill Tour of European Cities’. Weary of her intensely regimented schedule, she gives her minders the slip in Rome in order to explore the Italian capital. Hiding her regal identity, she is taken in by Joe, who gives the impression that he is a gracious American gentleman, but is in fact a cynical journalist who senses he has a massive scoop on his hands. On a sightseeing tour of the city, deception becomes increasingly difficult for both as they find themselves falling for each other.

An ideal summer delight, Roman Holiday features striking landmarks of the Eternal City and Gregory Peck acting wonderfully against type, though Audrey Hepburn shines brightest, radiating elegant charm in her first major role, a performance that won an Oscar and set her on course for an iconic career. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

118 minutes, U.S.A, 1953, Black and White, D-Cinema


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