RESFEST: Warp Vision

For the past decade and a half, England’s Warp Records has been a visionary champion not only of experimental electronic music, but also of that music’s marriage to dynamic visual imagery. From early promos for LFO, Aphex Twin and Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker to pioneering late ’90s work for Autechre and Squarepusher and on through more recent videos for Plaid and Chris Clark, Warp has demonstrated an un?agging commitment to raising the bar when it comes to innovation in music video direction. That’s an ethos RESFEST shares, so in honour of the label’s 15th anniversary we present a special programme surveying Warp’s groundbreaking contributions to the ?eld of music video.
A Warp party will be held at the Pod, Old Harcourt St. Station, on November 7 from 9.00.p.m. Separate tickets are required for the party and will be available from the IFI box-of?ce during RESFEST.

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