Queer boys and girls on the bulet train & Irene Williams

Director: Various Directors

Japan 2004| Beta SP PAL| TRT 58 mins

A collection of shorts from ten Japanese film-makers celebrating those everyday gay moments. Parallel Contact captures the excitement of meeting another man’s eyes in adjacent trains. In Hum, and She’s Dashing When She Walks Minami’s heart misses a beat when a customer takes out lesbian videos. Beginning to recall fragments of their life together is the Key to lovers recovering from an accident. The Saran Wrap Angel extols the virtues of safer sex in the hip music video wrap! rap! – 10cs3. Untitled Slide Show documents the tension of drag queens preparing to do their thing. Techniques for Deadly Blows in 199X mimics animation techniques in the story of two students breaking up, while machi27 explores ideas of visual pleasures through projected images. I Want You To Kiss Me is a mockumentary about buying sex, while One Brilliant Moment celebrates recognition between lovers. Bye-Bye ‘Over The Rainbow’ is a tribute to abandoning over-played hopes by celebrating the moment.

Screens with: Irene Williams – Queen of Lincoln Road Eric Smith, USA 2005, Beta SP Pal, 23mins
Self-confessed hag fag Eric Smith pays tribute to a gloriously eccentric Miami fashionista

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