Pleasure at Her Majesty’s


UK • 1976 • 74 mins

Roger’s Graef’s first documentary with Monty Python member John Cleese was an Amnesty International comedy benefit gala, the forerunner of Comic Relief. Cleese, along with Amnesty’s Assistant Director Peter Luff and Transatlantic Records executive Martin Lewis put together an evening of some of the best British comedians of the 60s and 70s, including Monthy Python, Pete Cook, The Goodies, Dame Edna, Elenor Bron, Alan Bennett, Dudley Moore and Neil Innes. For Python fans, it offers a chance to see where the Pythons drew much of their style and inspiration from.
Roger Graef will introduce this screening and talk about the influence it – as well as his other films such as The Secret Policeman’s Ball – had on Comic Relief and Live Aid.

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