This film screened 2nd March & 14th April 2016.

El laberinto del fauno

One of the most popular Spanish language films of recent years, this acclaimed combination of history and fantasy tells of Ofelia, a young girl living in the midst of Franco’s Spain. Sent with her expectant mother to live with her step-father, a sadistic general in the regime, Ofelia begins to yearn for a magical world like those in her books. Exploring the grounds by the house, she discovers a mysterious maze presided over by a magical faun, who offers an opportunity to escape the horrors of the world around her.

Spain/Mexico/USA • 2007 • Drama/Fantasy/War • 118min • English subtitles
Director: Guillermo del Toro

IFI – Mar 2 & Apr 14, 10.30am

Cork -Apr 20. ( The Gate Cinema 021 4271711)

Spanish Film on Tour
IFI Education will be touring a Spanish language film to venues around the  country during the next school year. If you are interested in the film coming to your area, please email us on schools@irishfilm.ie.

These screenings are part of the 2016 Spring/Summer schools programme.

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