Nothing Personal

Adapted by Daniel Mornin from his novel All Our Fault, Nothing Personal revolves around opposing paramilitary groups during a precarious ceasefire in 1970’s Belfast. The film follows a squad of Loyalist paramilitaries led by the war-weary Kenny, and his psychopathic accomplice, Ginger. Tommy, a young teenager, is impressed by the power the men of violence possess and is invited by Kenny to go out on patrol. This becomes a baptism of fire as the gang torture an innocent Catholic, who Kenny discovers to be a childhood friend. The film juxtaposes the madness of the paramilitary gangs with the innocence of youth – an innocence easily endangered.
DIRECTOR Thaddeus O’Sullivan
PRODUCERS Tracey Seaward, Jonathan Cavendish
CAST Ian Hart, John Lynch, James Frain, Gerard McSorley, Michael Gambon, Ruaidhri Conroy, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Jenifer Courtney
RUNNING TIME 87 minutes

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