90 minutes, South Korea, 2013, Colour, D-Cinema

Haewon is an attractive, disillusioned student, a rootless wannabe actress consumed with angst. Her father is nowhere to be seen, her distracted mother is about to emigrate to Canada, and Haewon has become determined to end the affair she has undertaken with one of her teachers. However, film director Professor Lee does not want the relationship to end despite being unable to commit to Haewon given he has a wife and baby to distract him. Haewon takes to drinking copious amounts of rice wine and is hit on by a number of men as she waits for life to happen to her.

The latest film from Korean auteur Hong Sangsoo is a typically mannered film, which is at turns charming, humorous and touching. Newcomer Jung Eunchae exudes warmth as Haewon, a character seemingly worn out by life’s complexities at too young an age. (Notes by Micheal Hayden.)


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