Nightmare Before Christmas, The

Director: Tim Burton

(1993| 76 minutes| PG)

Meet a bony skeleton named Jack Skellington, the most prominent citizen of Halloweentown – the town in charge of all the preparations for Halloween. One day Jack stumbles into the wrong entryway in Halloweentown, and finds himself smack dab in the middle of preparations for Christmas. Now this, he realizes, is more like it! Instead of ghosts and goblins, there are jolly helpers assisting Santa, bringing peace and joy to all. When he returns to Halloweentown, Jack wants to better himself and to move up to a more important holiday. So he engineers a diabolical scheme in which Santa is kidnapped, and Jack himself plays the role of Jolly Old St. Nick. This is a fantastic, quirky fable with little visual surprises tucked into every corner of the screen. The songs (by Danny Elfman) are fun, and the choreography has an energy of its own, as when the furniture, the architecture and the very landscape itself gets into the act.

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