Irish Film Institute -NIGHT WILL FALL



75 minutes, U.K.-Germany-France-Israel-U.S.A.-Denmark, 2014, Black and White and Colour, D-Cinema

This film closes on Thursday, October 16th.

Night Will Fall is a powerful new documentary about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the efforts made by combat and newsreel cameramen to document the almost unbelievable scenes encountered there. Directed by André Singer (executive producer of the multi-award-winning The Act of Killing), it uses original archive footage and eyewitness testimonies to tell the extraordinary story of the filming of the camps. He says, “It has been an enormous privilege to talk to the soldiers who first entered the camps, the cameramen who lifted their cameras and filmed, the editors who viewed the footage, and the victims who suffered there and who were recorded on film in the first, unbelievable moments when rescue finally came.”

At a time of highly charged debate about the ethics of filming the victims of atrocity, Night Will Fall provokes challenging questions about the nature and purpose of documentary. (Notes by British Film Institute.)

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