Director: William F. Flaxton

USA • 1972 • COLOUR • 88 MIN

We do like to leave our audience speechless, and this 1972 Z-movie classic tends to have that effect. Mention the title Night of the Lepus to people and they’ll probably draw a blank, but add that it’s ‘the movie about the giant killer rabbits with Doctor McCoy from Star Trek’ and watch them flashback to some half-forgotten childhood memory they’ve been trying to suppress since they caught a late-night T.V. screening decades ago. Based on the novel The Year of the Angry Rabbit (seriously), Night of the Lepus sees the godlike Stuart Whitman face off against wascally wabbits with a taste for human flesh; the scenes of regular-sized rabbits on a (not very) vicious rampage through miniature sets will chill you to the bone, as will the sight of stuntmen in bunny suits attacking Psycho star Janet Leigh. A complete hoot from start to finish, this is the greatest giant mutant killer rabbit movie ever made.

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